Envisioning inclusivity through sustainble jewellery, Eurumme collaborates with extraordinary talents to cultivate gender neutrality

Envisioning inclusivity through sustainble jewellery, Eurumme collaborates with extraordinary talents to cultivate gender neutrality

As fashion and beauty cultivates an air of gender neutrality, Eurumme collaborates with the industry’s extraordinary talents to envision inclusivity through sustainable jewellery


While gender bender and sustainable fashion campaigns do the rounds, designers are often caught balancing a double-edged sword – on one end they’re criticised for displaying blandness for industry acceptance, labelling their work as boring and outdated, and on the other hand they’re condemned for alienating a huge audience that strays away from the traditional system of dual genders.

With the rise of gender-fluid fashion and beauty, the industry is looking beyond stereotypical marketing, packaging and even products. Young consumers, specifically millennials are increasingly embracing brands that are gender neutral.

We’re pleased to introduce an assorted range of jewellery by Eurumme that seeks inspiration from environmental consciousness and sustainability and can easily transform to showcase the spirit of gender inclusivity. 

With a substantial shift from rigidity to acceptance of androgynous fashion in the local market, Eishita Puri, Creative Director, Eurumme, innovates androgynous jewellery by tweaking the trend and launching gender inclusive jewellery. 

Breaking all social norms, the designers takes a giant leap, as she initiates gold-plated, sustainable jewellery that can be adorned with panache by all genders alike!

Handcrafted by fellow artisans and made using locally sourced materials, this assortment of jewels is created keeping in mind – progression in the modern times. 

It is with great pride that we announce Eurumme’s collaboration with various renowned names of the fashion industry. Each of these personalities has their own unique take on the rise of gender fluidity and inclusion and has conveyed their manifestation by donning jewellery from the brand’s revived collections.

These popular artists namely,

“Non-conforming, valid, liberation & personal choice of one’s life.”
– Eshwar Log (make-up & hair artist)
“Gender Fluidity has been a long time coming and I’m glad it’s been given the importance it deserves. People should be able to make their own fashion choices, there can’t be a limit to this. Being inclusive is imperative and gives people the freedom to express themselves better. Infact Androgynous styling is one of my favourites.”
– Shreeja Rajgopal (celebrity stylist)

“Gender fluidity is something that we grow up with in the Indian culture and if you look at Hindu mythology in particular you see so many examples- while the Pandavas were in exile,  Arjun dressed up as a woman to hide his identity and played the part of a woman for a very long time; Hindu mythology also teaches us about Shiv and Shakti —they’re one energy and one identity. On the streets we come across eunuchs or kinnars on the daily known to possess other worldly powers. To me gender fluidity is not just an expression or a subject of inclusivity, it’s a lifestyle that we all are part of. One day we feel more masculine and the next day more feminine. We just have to embrace the best of both and put it to good use.”

– Mohit Rai (Creative Director & fashion consultant: Grain Consultancy)

“A large part of my wardrobe is androgynous, like this poncho that I am wearing – a modern derivation of a unisex staple that is regarded as traditional clothing in many regions worldwide. Similarly, jewellery has been worn by women and men across cultures and tribes, and today, it is a form of personal expression that should not be limited by gender. These beautiful upcycled earrings from Eurumme, which were once a piece of discarded cardboard packaging, show that the possibilities are endless once we think outside the box of convention.”

– Sohiny Das (Creative Director & fashion consultant: Grain Consultancy)

“Only you know who you are born to be and you need to be free as a person and accepting of your own self. Gender isn’t something that should stop you from working towards your goals, love, and acceptance. Gender doesn’t define love, talent, or intelligence.”  

– Pranay Jaitly & Shounak Amonkar (Creative Directors & fashion consultants: Who Wore What When)

“There’s no such thing as too masculine or too feminine for me when it comes to style and fashion at least. I wear women’s clothing all the time and can rock a tuxedo at the same time. Blurred lines actually work best in some cases.”

– Tejeshwar Sandhoo (fashion & lifestyle blogger and influencer)

…have gone above and beyond to style Eurumme jewellery as a reflection of their personal beliefs regarding gender inclusivity. Their undaunted confidence is worthy of applause as they do not shy away from the conventions of society, instead believe in voicing their opinions with candid creativity.

History has witnessed that the fashion industry has been constantly accused of ignoring and devaluing the marginalised. Off late, we’ve seen tremendous developments, especially those related to gender fluidity, for example, cheering androgynous and transgender models, promoting gender neutral fashion weeks, campaigns and concepts, etc. 

Through this initiative, Eurumme hopes to make a similar breakthrough!

~ Written by Sejal Pathak, DI Public Relations ~

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